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red spots on feet


My husband has started developing reddish-purple blotches on the bottoms of both feet. No itching or burning just there and not real pretty.
What could this be??

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  1. My husband is 44 years old. No known medical conditions. On no medications. He works standing all night for six to eight hours on concrete floor. He does drink and smoke cigarettes. These spots look like almost a port wine color, and are on the arch of his foot, back, not foward.

  2. This can be different things. It would be helpful to know the health, age, medications, recent illnesses, type of work and the see these areas

  3. I recently noticed these small spots on the arch of both of my feet as well. They are neither painful or itchy, bur kind of freaky. I am a waitress who has been working a few double shifts in the past few weeks. I am slightly overweight and on thyroid medicine but no others. Could it be from being on your feet so much?

    • I just noticed two red spots on my right foot. They are on my arch. I also have numbness and tingling in my toes. I am not diabetic. I am overweight and work on my feet. The two red spots are about 1 inch apart and look like snake bites. But, no holes are apparent and no soreness or pain. Any ideas????