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reverse cervical lordosis


I recently had an MRI and the findings were reverse cervical lordosis. What are the options for treatment.Please help I am in a lot of pain


  1. Reversed cervical lordosis does have the consequence of early and accelerated degeneration (osteoarthritis) of the spinal joints as well as likely degeneration of the disks. This is becasue the normal weight bearing mechanism of the spine has now been effectively reversed. Concerning a routine of spinal adjustments, this will promote improved movement patterns as well as alleviate stress from fixated cervical segments in the spine, but it will not likely have an effect on changing the curve. You need targeted exercises and specificly applied forces that will affect the ligamentous system as well as the neurological signals sent for higher processing from the spinal nerve roots and joints. The process of changing the shape of the curve should only be performed by a qualified chiropractic physican.