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Rib cage twisting


About 6 months ago, I hurt my shoulder. I dont know what I did exactly, but I was going through training to teach aerobics and was doing alot of weight work, some of which I’ve since learned I was doing incorrectly. I started physical therapy for my shoulder, but we noticed that alot of things made my hand go numb. My shoulder pain lessened but the numbness continued to worsen. Long story short, its 6 months later and they have decided that I probably have thorasic outlet syndrome. It still feels like something is out of place though in my should and I have noticed over the last month that my rib cage is at a weird angle. I’m not sure how to describe it exactly, its like it is twisted. If you look at the bottom of my rib cage, the left side (which is the side i hurt) is higher while the right side is lower and sticks out more. My collar bones are also uneven, with the right half straight and the left at about a 30 degree angle. They are saying that structurally, there is nothing wrong and none of this exists. Is this really not related? What causes your rib cage to twist? What can you do to fix it (can a chiropracter help?) and would it help the numbness in my arm and hand?