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right arm upper bicep bilateral tendon tear


I had an shoulder operation in the month of october for a mild rotor cuff tear , after surgery I still had pain in the bicep and shoulder,on or about the 17th of january, I Had a 2nd shot of cortisone in back of shoulder to help with the increasing pain that was occuring in the back part of my shoulder, a couple days later I threw some crackers to feed the birds and I felt a snap in my arm , this is when I tore tendon away from inner shoulder, I am having muscle spasms in the back of my shoulder that are driving me crazy,although I have noticed less pain in the bicep area . I was told from two local doctors that I should not get the operation to repair torn tendon, I was told that the pain that I am having are not related to the torn tendon. I would like to know your opinion and any suggestions, thank you harry


  1. Hi, Approximately one year ago I had a rotator cuff tear and ruptered labium (if I spelled that right)while wakeboarding. My Dr. repaired the damage through surgery and I had about six months of physical therapy too. It still gets tight and sore when working around the house and I often worry about re-injury, because I am still a very active wakeboearder and snowboarder. Beyond that I am currently remodeling my (wife’s) kithcen. I am considering taking Glucosamine to help stablize it. Would this be a waste of money, should I couple with moderate excersize or light lifting, stretching. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.Respectfully,Chad Miller