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Right Foot Swollen and Very painful


I have had 2 sets of x-rays of this right foot and they showed nothing. The drs had said that I sprained all my tendons in my foot. This was 5 weeks ago I saw a slight improvement but nothing great. Now 3 days ago the foot seems to hurt just as it did when all this started. My little toe feels numb but when I touch it I can feel that. From my ankle down my foot is swollen Seems to hurt more in the arch area to my little toe and the toe next to it. Underneath this area it is very painful to touch. I can not put pressure in the area on the bottom of the foot from the ball of the foot to the arch.. On top of the arch to the on the outside of the foot it is also very painful. Also painful to a slight touch on the skin in that area. Also the arch area to me looks red. The foot is warmer than usual. Pointing my toes does not seem to hurt that much but pulling my toes towards me kills. The feeling I get in the arch area is like a burning sensation. I can not where my shoe it is too tight. The Drs gave me a medical boot to wear when I last saw them. I am really worried since I seem to not be getting better and now it is worse again.
Any thoughts what it can be will be greatly appreciated


  1. Dear friend, My right feet has recently swollen and the swelling seems to be going up and down, i press my finger on the swelling and it leaves a print on the swelling.

  2. Sounds like you had an injury to the midtarsal joint region. This can affect both the arch and top of the foot. Sprains can also cause this injury, but it is mainly a LIGAMENTOUS injury and not TENDON. So, compression and immobilization will probably benefit you to improve this condition. It its a true ligamentous injury to the MTJ, I would recommend at least 3 weeks of nonweightbearing and rest to the foot. See a foot spesensoredt and have your foot reevaluated. Al Kline DPMPApodassociatesFORUMwww.podassociates.proboards25/