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Right leg tremor


Hi,Wanted to ask a question about a tremor in my right leg. About 2 mos ago, I really hurt my back, bending and twisting while holding a heavy object.
The pain felt like a rubber band snapping in my lower back, and I fell on the floor.
The pain went away after a few weeks, but then I developed an action tremor in my right leg, (usually it’s the worst when I’m depressing the gas or brake pedal) and I’m wondering if the back strain that I did a while ago, could be the cause.
My PCP scared me to death, and ordered a head and lumbar MRI, and EMG, and a consult with a neuro.
She mentioned some very scary things that it could be, like MS, Parkinson’s, or a brain tumor.
I’m a 39 yr old female and I’ve always been very healthy.
In the meantime of waiting to get the neuro tests done, I saw a chiropractor and he took xrays of my back, and my lower back bends out to the right.
He also noticed that my right leg is about 1 1/2″ shorter than the left, when lying down.
I see him tomorrow for a consult, (he needed to do measurements on the x-ray), and to have my first adjustment. Am I kidding myself in believing that maybe something is pinched or impinged, and that this could be causing the leg tremor? Everyting I read on spine things seems to involve numbness, tingling or pain, and I don’t have any of those.
I’m scared to death of what my PCP said it might be, as I have a 2 very young children, and a husband who is starting a business. Any input would be greatly appreciated.Thank you,Liz Gilbert


  1. Liz, Take a deep breath and calm down. Tremors can be caused by over stimulation of a nerve, just like a muscle spasms is. It is an alternation between alapha motor neurons firing and gamma motor neurons firing back and forth. I know that is complex but here it is simply put The MD and neurologist are just erroring on the side of caution by running the tests because it is better to error on caution that to error on laziness. Don’t worry the DC should take care of you quickly. Hey good luck.

  2. Dear DC StudentPhooey, I got a call from my dr., and the MRI shows that I definitely have MS. I love my chiropractor though, and he’s made my shoulders feel better than they’ve ever felt. (I hold all my tension there.) I thought I’d heard that chiropractors can help people with MS. Do you know if this is true? I think I’d like to keep him in my arsenal of ways to make the best of things.Thanks,Liz

  3. Dear DC student,Thank you for the input and the good explanation of what could be going on with my leg. I went to the chiro today and got an adjustment, and he said that if it’s what he thinks it is, (a pinched nerve), then I should know within 2-3 weeks of treatment. I also have scoliosis, which I didn’t realize I had. It’s about at 15 degrees right now.Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. I’ll check back in in a few weeks to let you know how things turn out.Take care,Liz