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rotar cuff


have pain in rotor cuff. Could you please tell me some excersizes that I can do to strenghten and rehab my rotar cuff.
I know I should go t a physical therapist, but time is an issure.

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  1. Have had a MRI of the r shoulder and Dr. said I have torn ligments from the bone and a partial tear in the rotar cuff. Am having lots of pain and it catches and pops when I raise my arm at times. Am scheduled for surgery in a week.

  2. I have a rt.shoulder rotar cuff tear.I my surgon said that I am a canidate for surgery. Ar there other opions.. I have tried striod inj. at the site and have had no effective results.

  3. I had rotator cuff surgery, in my SHOULDER…didn’t know about ‘arms’!I had a TORN ROTATOR CUFF in my shoulder, and the surgery was successful. Surgery was Feb. 25, ’04

  4. Janet,I am a swimmer and have a rotator cuff problem also. I am currently being treated by a chiorpractor utilizing A.R.T.(applied release technique). I also have to use a theraband to exercise certain muscles that surround the rotator cuff. It is important that you are shown the proper way to perform certain exercises for those muscles. A chiorpractor or PT person should be able to do that for you. Proper exercise form is extreamly important.