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rotar cuff tear and bicept separation


I fell off of a stool and tore three muscles of the rotar cuff.
Surgery repair was not possible.
I also dislocated the bicept. surgery was done and surgeon cut bicept in half and left to reattach it self.
It is now 13 weeks past surgery and I have been going to PT with little improvement but still lots of pain. Any suggestions.


  1. i had 2 muscles completely torn loose,infra and supraspinatus.i am 7 weeks post op,pain is finally starting to diminish.i have no idea if it will be a successfull operation ,but i had to try..i also broke my tib and fib completely into at same limping around with cane now..have had 2 teeth pulled in the interem between my 2 surgeries and am now looking at 3rd to be pulled..i have a new appreciation for pain,and a great deal more insight in to just how frail this flesh is..and how temporary our stay here is

  2. I have all the symtoms of a rotar cuff tear from grabbing on to a bannister when losing my step on the stairs. It showed considerable signs of healing, but most recently it wakes me up in the evening when I attempt to sleep on that side. It does not seem to improve beyond this point. I have been using ice to reduce inflamation and Celebrex. It is only painful with a few reaching motions otherwise does not interfere with any work activities such as yard work. What exercises can I employ to promote further healing? Any other suggestions?

    • I had the surgery done 2 years ago and continued to play basketball and now rotator cuff hurts again. I should have listened to the doc and stopped playing. I am 69. Any advice?

  3. x-rays show I tore my rotator cuff when picking up a 23# frozen turkey with one hand. A shot of cortozone in my shoulder, pain pills and ice packs have helped (a litle). I am 78 years old. 10 days later I am still in pain and have returned to the city where I live. Am not sure if I should follow-up with an orthopedic surgeon or a DO?