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Rotated big toe following modified Austin bunionectomy


On September 11, 2002, I had a bunionectomy on my left foot.
Six months later and completion of the last two and a half months of physical therarpy (including shock, ultrasound and iontophorisis) my big toe is rotated with the nail facing right and the toe bends inward torwards my second toe with each step I take.
I continue to be in pain.
The physical therapist said she feels there is nothing more she can do to help me.
Apparently I had a delayed union of bone in my big toe and until I sought a second opinion, did not know that a pin was left at the bunion part of my foot.
Is this a malunion?
What can I do?


  1. First I am sorry you have this and second I think you are going to need more information than I can give you in this forum. You need to discuss this with a doctor you feel comfortable with and get informed about what you have and what are your options.Good luck