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Rt foot slight swelling with numbness after injury, SM please


About 6 weeks ago, I tried to kick something (my daughter..joking around) and came down wrong on my foot, on the carpet (I’m not overweight, but tall.) Had pain, discoloration and swelling. ER x-ray revealed no fracture, but doc said possibly tendon damage, only MRI would say for sure.
I was fitted with walking boot/shoe and wore this for 8 problems. Swelling went down. Now, 6 wks later the swelling comes back after I’ve been working awhile (I’m medical transcriptionist) and the numbness..tingling..pain drives me nutz. It’s more of a weird feeling…neuropathy? NOt sure how to describe it. It bothers me. And the foot feels so FAT..thought it doesn’t look extremely so.Can you tell me what’s going on? I elevate every chance I can. I’m 47, white female, non-smoker–no health problems. I run, but lately have only taken walks, due to injury. Thanks and sorry for the lonnnnnnng post!!!!!!!!

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  1. While no fracture was evident initially, it certainly could have showed up in a later X-ray. You stated you wore the shoe for 8 days. That probably was not long enough. I recommend another X ray to see if anything is going on.