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running after tibia fracture


Hi, I fractured my left tibia when I was 13, 20 years ago. I’ve recently taken up running, but I have this (probably irrational) fear that I am going to ‘rebreak’ the bone just from putting weight on it by running. is there any possible way this could happen? it was a pretty clean break, no pins or plates, just your normal 12 weeks in a plaster cast. I’ve never felt 100% confident it’s totally healed, tho. Please let me know if it is safe to run.


  1. : : Hi, I fractured my right tibia when I was 32, 3 years ago. I’ve a sort of swelling and pain if i walk 2-3 miles per day and after taking rest for a day the condition returns to normal. the movement is restricted and i have a fear to run or climbing the stairs like a healthy individual. my right leg was fixed by internal fixation using a metal plate and screws and still those are intact and not yet removed. Is that pain is due to the presence of the foreign material( i know it is biologically inert), if that one has to be removed, which is the right time to remove those foreign metal plate and screws.Is it advisable to lift any heavy objects like any normal individual?.Please help me with your valuable advice.

  2. No need to worry; not only is your bone fully healed, but is now stronger at the site of the original fracture than it was prior to your fracture. You can do anything that you want w/o needing to worry.