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rupture of achilies tendon post surgery


I had resection of the exostosis with retro calcanual advancement in june 03. I was non wieght barring for 2 1/2 months and then went to partial and and then to full. I started PT and still had pain..but thougth the pain was just normal post op pain. I was out of the cam walker for about 3-4 months when my ankle started to swell massively and I started having horriable pain..even on anti-imflamorties and narcotics. Then I had an MRI which showed my tendon was torn and in the process of repairing itself. After discussing this with my dr. we found out that I had ruptured the tendon the day of surgery while at the hospital , but did not know. Now the option of a treatment called Osatron to speed up the healing process has been brought up. I know the same technology is used in Urology for kidney stones called Lithotripsy. I do not understand how the Osatron will speed up the healing process. Have you heard about this procedure? What do you recomend? I am , once again in my cam walker and it is almost one year post op. thank you for your timemelissa

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  1. I tore a ligament playing football in my right ankle on August 9th 2005 and had surgery on August 11th, in which I had to have pins placed in my ankle. After weeks of wearing a cast and many visits to the doctor, I had the cast and pins removed in December. Well now I’ve started playing ball again, and I feel fairly normal except for when the weather changed yesterday and I couldn’t complete practice because I had a slight pain in my achilles which causes me not to be able to run like I want to. Can you explain to me what I can do to help this problem?

  2. I am sorry I have no experience using this modality for this problem. That does not mean it does not exist. I do not know everything. I recommend you ask your doctor as many questions as you need to so you can decide what to do.