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Rupture of Biceps Tendon


Rupture of the Biceps TendonI tore the lower part of the tendon loose on my right are 3 years ago and never had surgery on it.
I would like to know if after this long I could manage to rebuild it, if not is surgery still posible.
It was the lower 1/4 of the bicep.Thank you,Victor Morrillsensored://

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  1. I have ruptured my bicep tendon-have purple green arm with some disconfort-but full use and mobility and range. I felt/heard it pop. I’m 68 yr. old still working as a house painter. Is there PT that can keep my arm in good shape generally-it is my left arm the weakest and I favored it do to joint pain.The doc recomemded PT so I’m trying to educate myself. I’m in very good physical shape-but have notice 5lbs is heavier than it use to be. thanx