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rupture quad tendon


I had surgery for a rupture quad tendon in my knee 3 years ago, why does it swell up all the time, I spend a lot of my time on hard surface (concrete) at work.


  1. I ruptured both quad tendons just below the patella, and and recovering from surgery to re-join them. Im am avoiding eccentric loads as they heal.How can the strength develop in recovery. Are tendons like muscles, eventually gaining in strength as they are used?

  2. I had surgery approximately 3 years ago to repair a total quad tendon tear. From time to time that area will swell. It seems any form of running or side to side movement really aggravates it. Do you suggest i start using a brace? I am a strength and conditioning coach, so i am active, but i find my cardio exercises seem to be limited. This is very frustrating.Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.Thank you