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ruptured achilles tendon?


I ruptured my achilles tendon playing tennis four weeks ago.
I am a 45 year old felmale and I had emergency surgery which repaired the tendon.
I was in a plaster cast for 10days and now I am in an air brace.
I have two more weeks before I see the Dr. again and hope to start PT at that time. I am having a lot of intermittent feelings of tingling in my toes, with numbness and cold toes alternating with feeling that my toes are hot. Nights are worse and I am so frustrated.
Is this normal following surgery.
I don’t have much swelling.
I sometime think that perhaps I haven’t inflated the cast enough or the opposite. Can you help me???? My accident was in Fl so I am now seeing a new Dr. here in MA and am reluctant to call him.
He is very busy.
Thanks so much.

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