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Ruptured Achilles Tendon


Hi there,I ruptured my achilles tendon in left leg playing football on 06/06/07.This occured in the last 5 minutes of the game as I went to push off on my left foot.I am not as conditioned or as fit as I should be due to inactivity and weight gain.However I have recently lost a lot of weight in short space of time an started cycling,badminton an playing football.My doctor talked me into non-surgery but now I am having doubts and becoming stressed.I do not wish for a re-rupture (who does??)and want to return to some physical excercise though in no hurry.Will look to enlist physio as soon as i can start therapy


  1. I recently was diagnosed with a ruptured Plantaris Tendon and strained calf muscle in my left leg, from playing football. This happened from simply pushing off with the left leg to accelerate quickly forward for a five yard run into the end zone. Heard a loud pop and fell to ground (felt like , got hit in the calf by a golf ball hit from a driver from 20 yards away) MRI and Doctor determines, do not need surgery. Been 2 weeks since happened and because of insurance and doctors & Facilities available within the insurance guidelines, leg not any better and can’t get into Physical Therapy for another week. This is frustrating and costing me thousands of dollars a week and possibly my job, while I’m crutching around and elevating with heat on the calf with this silly looking Ted hose on. Regardless of the pain or duration of time I may have to go through…… Is there any physical therapy excercise that can be suggested for me to do on my own until I can see a therapist next week? I just want to progress the healing as fast as possible without do more damage to it. If all I needed was R.I.C.E. for the 1st three days and therapy while on crutches for the next 2-4 weeks than if I could have been instructed on exercises to do , I would be up and walking by now. PLEASE HELP ADVISE. David Bailey