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Ruptured achillies tendon surgery


Hi my husband had tendon surgery the end of March and the scar is still not healed. It is open approx. 1/2 inch the rest has healed. The problem is the sucture is slowly coming out and has to be cut by the Dr. Is this normal or could his body be rejecting it? He can walk on it , and has been soaking it in eptson salt.


  1. Hi my name is Jace Simmons. I have had surgery to repair my achillies tendon which ruptured 5 weeks ago. So once again I am in a cast which will be re assessed tommorow when i go back to the orthopeadic clinic, trouble is this is my right leg and 18 months ago i ruptured my achillies on my left leg and had the same surgery and same treatment. I am not sure why this has happened twice and no surgeon has given me any real reason, does anyone have any suggestions???