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ruptured tricep tendon


I just had surgery to repair a ruptued tricep tendon. I will be in a cast for two months. What would be a good therapy to start helping to bend and strengten the tricep muscle?

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  1. So you are about 2 months after surgery and you should be out of cast by now starting physiotherapy. At first no weights – just stretching the triceps by gradually bending the arm at elbow to say 90 deg and beyond. Hold the stretch at a level, which is just slightly uncomfortable. Keep whole arm warm to increase blood supply that makes the muscle more ellastic. But most of all – listen to your physio! Good luck mate!P.S.I just did the same to me tendon. My physiotherapy is scheduled 30 days after surgery.

    • How did recovery go? I am going on my third surgery in 14 weeks. My surgeon has not repaired it correctly yet. I am going to a new ortho surgeon this week. Do you have full range of motion? Can you straighten your arm all the way?