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scaphoid break


My son was injurred during football practice in October.
He was xrayed and told it was not broken and he tapped his wrist and continued to play out the season. Unable to lift weights during conditioning caused us to visit a orthopaedic doctor who said it was broken.
He cast it and it was in the cast form Jan. 7th through the first week in March. A bone stimulator was also used for 32 days.
It continues to be broken with little if any healing.
Is surgery the next cours of action? He has received full scholarship offers and is very frustrated about his interruption in training.
Surgery would hopefully bring an end to this interruption.
Waiting for it to heal is impossible for a 17 year old boy and he starts with a Nike camp in May and also a Addidas camp in May and a full month of camps in June.
What should we do to help him heal so he can train.
We were told that this surgery may or may not work.
Who are the best surgeons to work on him.
He may one day be NFL material.
Thank you for listening.
We are truely perplexed on what to do next.


  1. At this point in time if it was going to heal it would have. This is the one bone in the body you don’t want to break for this very scenario. You need to see an ortho who is a hand spesensoredt and nothing but a hand spesensoredt. If this kid has the potential it sounds like he may have see the best it may pay divedends in the future. P.S. UCLA is a good place to play FB.

  2. He should have surgery.However, scaphoid fracture and scaphoid non union may not keep him out of the NFL, scaphoid non unions are very common at the NFL combines, as pain does not seem to be a big issue for men who play in the NFL. Many other things may come between him and Sunday playing time.Untreated Scaphoid non union will likely give him an arthritic wrist in the moderate term (5-20 year) future with resultant pain and loss of wrist motion.Established non union such as he has should be treated with surgical repair. At college in Division I football our kids can play and practice in casts a few weeks after surgery, but we have trainers for daily cast change if needed.If his fracture is still aligned he could well be treated with percutaneous fixation (through a small .75 cm incision) see sensored If not aligned probably needs an open surgery with surgical approach chosen by the training and preference of the treating surgeon.Would suggest looking to sensored:// (American Society for Surgery of the Hand) for the name of a well trained hand surgeon in your area.If cost and travel is no option, visit the master of scaphoid fixation at Yale in New Haven, Connecticut: Dr. Joseph Slade.