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sciolosis problem.


hello there, im an 18 yr old teenage girl. been thru the yearly back check ups in school and the degree of my spine inclination has been increasing over the years. from 3 degrees to the present 18 degrees. i went to several doctors and each time they tell me “its fine”. but now, after 4 years of check up and the repeated “its fine”s, my shoulder-blade area hurts (albeit not acutely) and my right shoudler is lower and narrower than my left shoulder. not only does it gives me a perpetual throbbing pain, it affects my daily life in a small but significant way because i cant carry a bag without having one of the straps to drop, or wear a top without having a “space” on the right and not the left. it is obvious. (to me at least). albeit not a serious case of it, i feel inferior and conscious abt my back structure and overall posture. doctors tell me i cannot do anything abt it because i have “reached skeletal maturity” then why didnt they do something abt it in the first place then when i was like 4 years younger? pls help. im in a desperate and frustrated position. thankyou:)

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