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SCIWORA and Chiropractic treatment


I have a son who recieved a SCIWORA (spinal cord injury without radiographic abnormalities) 8 years ago.
Have you ever treated someone with this sort of injury ever? My son experiences drainage problems in his right ear.
He is currently almost 16 years old and should not be experiencing this problem.
I was told he shouldn’t see a chiropractor.
I am tired of the run around I’m getting from my Ear, nose and throat specialist.
So far we are at 4 surgeries and steroid treatment and decongestants.
I would appreciate any help you can give me.Thank you.


  1. I have not treated SCIWORA or rather in those terms. Many times we see injuries without radiographic findings and I guess you can call it SCIWORA. Soft tissue injury typically does not show up on standard radiographs. Has he has an MRI?Chiropractic can help with inner ear drainage problems and helps many times with those patients with chronic ear infections. Chiropractic does not cure an infection but it can help drainage issues. If there is no fluid behind the ear the bacteria loses the environment to flourish there. Really, the only person who can tell you if chiropractic can help your son is a chiropractor! Not a medical doctor or anyone else. Many times medical doctors say the things they do towards chiropractors out of ignorance. They just dont understand how chiropractic works. Ask the doctor what long term steroid use does to a person, the multiple surgeries and imminent scar tissue formation that will lead to even more surgeries. If the treatment they are providing is not working, it time to consider other options.