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Hello, I was Diagnosed with scholiosis @ the age of 12…..I was given a back Brace but every time I wore it to sleep I would unknowingly take it off and wake up with it on the floor or @ the end of my bed @ night…….Growing up I noticed my Body was different and I was developing accordingly as I should….My Brest are small one bigger then the other and My hips only look right wen I position my body a certain way in the Mirror…..I am currently 23 and My back pains ave increased…..Im an up and comming R&B/ HIP-HOP Artist And Ive spoken to people that have had the surgery and I was Informed that your movement is limitted…..So would Surgery Sex Life and My ability to Position my Body in certain ways?…..Please get back to me……Im gettiing to a point where I cant take the Pain anymore…..I am more then willing to pay for the best procedure…


  1. What would be helpful is knowing what the curvature of the spine is at (degrees). I treat many patients with scoliosis. Chiropractic will not reverse the curve but can help it from getting any worse or at the very least slow its progression. Typically once the scoliosis has run its course it won’t advance much further. Surgery is not necessary unless, like DC Student mentioned, it is compromising your breathing. Generally when curves get to 45 degrees plus, this can be an issue. Also, some scoliosis is rotational, that means the spine rotates, which causes the ribs to compromise breathing (as the ribs are attached to the spine). As far as sensored life, it’s not a problem. Pregnancy is not a problem either. Like DC student was mentioning, the type of scoliosis is helpful. A functional scoliosis can be partially corrected, a structural scoliosis at your age can not be corrected but can be managed. Functional means the cause is do to muscle imbalance (chronically tight iliopsoas muscle), a shorter lower extremity or biomechanical problems with the pelvis. Many people live perfectly normal lives with scoliosis. Surgery is an option but will limit your mobility and with time will cause accelerated degenerative changes in the spine. It fixes one problem but causes another.

  2. I am just a Chiropractic student but it seems as though questions are posed and answers don’t seem to come very often. A thorough chiropractic and physical exam is needed to find out what type of scoliosis you have and what was its origin. A good chiropractor is a valuable friend I suggest making an appointment with a local DC soon if nothing else that to just find out what is going on in your spinal column. Scoliosis, from my limited knowlege (remember I am just a student), has lots of effects on the body. One of the major effects is the changing of the thoracic cavity and abnormal shape of the rib cage. This also means your lungs may not be getting full when you breath which would effect any sort of physical activity you do, including sensored. At the age of 23 your secondary ossification centers, the things which turn your vertebra from cartiledge to bone, are likely nearing finishing with your spine. That means that your scoliosis will not disappear. What chiropractic can do to help is to retrain your para spinal muscles and aleviate some of the nerve imparment, if it is present, which may be causing pain. Your best bet though is to visit a local chiopractor and get an examination because you can only do so much talking to someone, a DC needs to see and feel your spine and see how it moves before he can give you an accurate diagnosis.