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scoliosis??? DON’T KNOW


Hello, I have a problem I was hoping you could give me some advice on.
When I was a young teenager I was told that my one leg was slightly longer than the other by half an inch.
This was around 1982.
I was told I had a very slight case of scoliosis.
I wore a lift in my shoe for a short time and then somehow months past and I never wore them again.
I am now 32 and I’m experiencing alot of miscomfort in my lower back area and find it difficult to keep my posture straight.
I was in the military for nearly 6 years and have been active with various sports all my life.
I have not been to the doctor yet, but am in the process of getting an appointment where I currently live in Germany. (appointments are just harder to get) Based off of the information I told you would you be able to provide me with an educated quess at to what my problem(s) could possibly be? Additionally, could you provide me with possible solutions to correct this problem(s) or the latest in medical technology. Lastly, would you be able to possibly recommend anyone here in Germany…..around the surrounding Frankfurt area?
I appreciate your time in reading my email. V/R,Pamela~