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sesamoid bone removal – big toe


well, we’ve narrowed down my pain and numbness to the sesamoid bone in the big toe – it causes pain daily and I have discomfort walking and shoes are bothersome. Upon palpation I see stars! Since this has been going on for quite a long time my podiatrist has suggested removing the sesamoid bone and shaving any areas that need it.
MRI and CAT scans have shown no other growths – although last year’s MRI did show an cyst in the joint of the toe last year- but CAT scan did not show anything last month.
What’s your take on this procedure?

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  1. I believe it’s the medial sesamoid (the one closer to the next toe) – although I am not sure of the exact sesamoid – that’s just my guess – the pain/problem is basically where the big toe bends (in the joint area) and is located closer toward the inside of the toe – rather than along the outer edge.

  2. It depends on which sesamoid is causing the problem- medial or lateral or even the accessory sesamoid sometimes found under the interphalangeal joint.

    • I believe it would be a sesamoid found under the interphalangeal joint – based on where the pain is most prominent on palpation….