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My 12 year old niece had this surgery and ended up with a granulated stitch(?) that did not dissolve. She is about 4 days postop after going back in to remedy this. They also removed a bunion (which runs in her family). In addition she has a slight turned in big toe. (halex valgus?) Apparently they are having a great deal of trouble controlling her pain. She normally has a fairly high tolerance to pain, but my brother says they are having to give her three kinds of pain medication, including morphine, ibuprofen and and hydrocodone. Even with this she rates her pain 7/10. Is this typical to have this much pain with foot surgery and do you have any suggestions for pain relief?


  1. It really is not for me to say what is the proper pain medication for your niece. I do not know anything about her and her situation. Having said that, everyone knows what pain is and no one can describe it adequately. What is pain to one person may not be to another. Her doctor bears the responsibility to adequately control her pain.