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Sesmoid Fracture


My daughter is an Irish step dancer and this summer she started to notice pain on the first metatarsal bone (could possibly be the sesmoid bone-not sure which). We had an MRI and it didn’t determine if there was fractured or not. The doc is recommending a bone scan. Either way, if it is fractured or if there is swelling on the sesmoid, would the treatment be the same? Six weeks in an air cast? We’re trying to decide whether or not she should continue dancing or go for the cast. She doesn’t experience extreme pain, but it’s noticable. She’s only thirteen and has a promising future in dance. What do you recommend?

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  1. Generally speaking, any injury will heal better if it is immobilized and rested. I am very conservative and will try padding or immobilization and also warn patients that sesamoid injuries or fractures take a long time to feel completely well.