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severs disease


My daugher(who is 6), was just diagnosed with severs disease by an orthapedic surgeon.
The heel pain originated April 13, 2003 and is still as bad or worse than when it started.
She has been to a Podiatrist who prescribed $400 orthotics which did nothing and the Orthapedic surgeon said will do her no good.
She then went to 6 weeks of physical therapy twice a week, and today was diagnosed with severs.
The doctor told me to wait until it was 1 full year from the date of injury.
Everything else that I have read about this says 2 weeks to 2 months healing time.
She is six and is very upset and in a good amount of pain.
I just don’t know what else to do.
Is this okay?
Shouldn’t they be able to do something else for her?