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severve sprain and possible torn ligament or tendon


I fell from about 8 feet and landed on my foot. The pain was almost unbearable. I went to the emergency room the next morning and after x-rays and waiting for a long period of time, the diagnosis was that I had a severe sprain. They wrapped my foot in an ace bandage, gave me crutches and sent me on my way. I am wondering if I could have possible torn the ligament/tendon in the top part of my right foor toward the inside. I don’t exactly want to return to the hospital if it is indeed just a sprain and will heal over time. My foot is a little bit swollen, with some bruising. I try to move my toes towards my leg as if i am flexing my foot and it is painful. Can anyone tell me other symptoms so I know if I need to return to the hospital, or will it just heal itself?

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  1. You probably torn your tendon which is giving you the abilities not to move your toes. If you have bruising and swelling consult an orthopedic surgeon right away. Do you hear a popping sound when you move your foot around? I tore my tendon in half from a fall of that height and now i’m having unbearable pain and unable to have support. You should go and have some physical therapy on it and have them put some medicine for pain which will reduce it, put some ice an elevation on it as well.

  2. You need to get an MRI to see if you’ve torn any ligament in ankle. X-Rays will only show you the bones (fracture) etc.