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Sharp lower back pain


This summer I was lifting a concete base of a bird bath, which was very heavy.
I felt this sharp pain in my lower right back by the tail bone, some times it feels like the pain is in my right testicle.
It went away after a week or so. A couple of days ago I was working in my kitchen and lifting some heavy items, well the pain is back.
I have taken asprine, tylenol, darvocet and I have used heating pad and heat wraps the pain persists.
It only bothers me when I am seated, it doesn’t bother me when standing or laying in bed.
What should I do?


  1. As a person who has has two hernias. I’d guess you just got one. Normally it’s a dull ache, kinda like a headache, when you’ve lifted something. The only remedy is surgery. Normally you’re only down for a few days. I would highly recommend you see a doctor.