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Shattered Femur


Hello my father suffered a shattered femur about 2-3months ago and is still not allowed to put any pressure on it, before the accident he was very active and enjoyed weightlifting, rollerblading, motorcycles, etc…. But due to the 3 breaks and 2 surgery’s he has been laid up for quite some time, leaving him very depressed. He is currently going to physical theraphy 3X a week, but is still restless. I was wondering if you had any advice about activities he could try. Anything relating to a “normal” life or chore would be great even if it’s just another exercise. Thanks for your time!Sincerly,Kimberly

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  1. Hi…he could do exercises with his arms…they have bikes for the legs and arms, have him do just the arm part. Have him volunteer, get involved with folks that are needy. Have him get involved with make a wish foundation, visiting sick children in hospitals. How about taking a class in photography, or wood carving or maybe cooking? Good luck, Mya