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shattered heel


My husband shatterd his heel in an accident last winter. December 2nd to be exact. I am wondering what we can do to help his injury heal. He had surgery about ten days after the accident and he is able to walk however he has a pretty serious limp, he can not straighten his toes and his foot gets tired and painful if he is on it for too long. Is there anything we can do to help this get better faster – ie: ice – heat – special exercises…ect…?Thank you for any help you can offer -Tina


  1. I shattered both my heels in a motocross accident and the best thing that I did was: When my feet started to swell and hurt, I would lay on the recliner with my feet above my head with lots of ice for about two hours and then stay off it for the rest of the night. I would do this everyday and allow a rest period for my feet to recover from walking or standing during the day. Lucky for me, my wife would take lotion and rub the injury and rotate the ankle even though it was very painful (best to take pain killers first, the husband). The ankles may feel stiff until the pain killer sets in and I would say the best thing to do is just rotate and hold the ankle so there is that stretching feeling in the ankles.

  2. Tina,My husband shattered his heels in an accident in ’95. No surgury was done, it was basically allowed to heal on its own. His Ortho says there is nothing left to do but fuse it which will leave my mobile husband with no movement. We found a product that treats the resulting pain. If you are interested, it is called PanAway and is sold by Young Living Int. It is an essential oil blend. It worked so well for my husband that I became a distributor. I can’t tell you what to do about the crooked toes or the limp, my hubby still has both of those, but you might try the PanAway for the severe pain that comes with walking on his feet all day.