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shin splints


i started track this year, in 8th grade. i didnt do it last year and i have never had this problem. i have been telling my coach and he always tells me to sit, but we are not positive what it is becuase its only in one leg. but now since i am running at least 2 miles everyday the inside of my shin is hurting when ever i start to run. then i get this sharp pain inside of my shin. i think it is causing a stress fracture because i am also involved in soccer and basketball, and i am always running. i dont have any time off. but do you think this can be something serious and i should take some time off or should i just run thru it and ignore the pain?? thank you for your advice. i really need it because it hurts so bad!

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  1. I 2 have battled shin splints, and been very frustrated on how it can slow your progress when training.Theres 2 stratagies u can really use to fix them, both work, but one takes way longer. The long way is described here It involves taking your time, taking time off, and i doubt would fit into your schedual. It works fine, and will even help you if you choose the short way, which (from a pure runners perspective) is the following:1) Go to an athletic or sports injury related store and get a pair of elastic ankle brases. Something that will just constrain the motion of your feet enough to maintain proper form, and reduce side-impact while running. I find it also places more strain on my feet, instead of deathly sore shins.2) Examine the way you run. Start running by only allowing the front 2/3 of your foot to touch the ground, never letting your heel clap (***most important part***). If you currently have bad running form, this could make your feet feel sore as hell for a few days when you start moving correctly, and even difficult to do at first, but trust me, you’ll get over it.Make sure your not bending your knees too much or taking too long of strides as you run. Bending your knees alot or long strides will only result in a harder impact on the ground, something u dont need while recovering. A nice short stride, implying an almost springlike motion when your foot bounces off the ground can be much more productive than a slam-stop-slam motion while running.3) Ice your shins after you run, and use aspirin 3x daily to reduce the inflamation in your leg muscles, just dont take them right b4 u run or it could make u feel a little sick.4) Start doing some other non-impact related activities while you train your legs. Things like cycling, swimming, or even light leg-weight training can strengthen your legs and speed recovery time. 5) Try to stay off asphault and concrete when you run, the softer the surface, the less impact on your shins. And try to take your time a little at first, altho this quick method doesnt involve stopping your training alltogeather, you should still go easy at first.If you follow this to a T your shin splints should be gone or at least greatly reduced within a week or 2 of running, without the need to take time off. If your currently in alot of pain, it really wouldnt hurt to take at least a day off b4 trying the fast method.Hope this helps