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Shin Splints/Soccer


My 14 year old son who has played soccer since age 3 is complaining of calf pain diagnosed as shin splints by the Doctor that i work for.
He underwent a bone scan first to make sure there was no stress fracture or tearing of the muscle. Chris is very active and works out and does alot of calf stretching.
He went hiking for 1 wk for wilderness camp 2 weeks ago and did great no pain at all, but when he goes to conditioning for soccer 2 hours in the AM with the team he can not make it for 1 hour without being in severe pain.
We have tried Motrin and stretching before going to conditioning we ice down after he comes home.
What is going to make this go away.
This is the first season he has had this trouble.


  1. : HELP!!! Minde,A few questions: how many legs are affected? What kind of specialist did your son see? Is the pain in the front/shin, or in the calf as you stated? How long has this been going on, and what makes the pain better/worse? What meds is he on, and what is the dosage? Does he use orthotics in his shoes? Sorry for all the questions, but they are necessary. Write back, and we will go from there.