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Shingles blisters


Hello Dr. Abrams,I developed shingles last week and have several blisters with it and more forming. They feel like they are burning me where each blister is. My question is should I pop them or leave them alone? I had one pop and it oozed for a good 10 minutes and it was a small one. Should I cover the area of the one that popped already? Is there anything I can use to help with the burning pain? How long does the rash and the blisters last? This rash is on both sides of my feet around the heel and on the bottom of my foot…so I can’t walk at all. My entire foot is covered with the exception of the top but I have blisters forming there already. Thank You In Advance For Your Help.


  1. You might try Calamine lotion or Caladryl. Something with a topical anesthetic might also be helpful.You need to go on something like WebMD and do a search about Shingles. It is not something I treat on a regular basis, it is rare on the foot although I recognize it.