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Sholder dislocation


I have dislocated both shoulders at least a dozen times each. It can happen during hard work or something as simple as a slight dislocation when clapping my hands at my son’s band concert.
This started in 1984 and has been a problem for me ever since.
I had a bad car accident in 1983 where I dented the driver’s side door OUT pretty badly but did not require any medical attention.
The first time I dislocated my (right) shoulder was in 1984 when I wiped out badly in rough surf in CA. None of these accidents required medical attention or explains the repeated dislocations. Upon my discharge physical in the Navy( 1993) they told me to work out more, especially in the shoulder area to prevent future dislocations.
In 2003 my doctor didn’t seem at all concerned when I told him about the problem at my first annual physical.
I am tired of this problem and more tired of doctors telling me to not worry about it. No one else I know has this problem and I feel it affects my quality of life.
So what do I do ? I have not had an MRI or X-Rays on my shoulders but I think I should. Can I do this without a doctor perscribing this procedure ? I am 42 and live in Southern Connecticut, do you know of a good doctor in this area ?


  1. The best treatment for me is to find a bar stool, lay on it with my chest and let the dislocated arm dangle. After a while I pull it gentle and popppp! Keep on breathing while relaxing