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sholder muscle pain


I have reoccuring sholder muscle pain in my right arm. I believe the original injury occured in September lifting a heavy object.
The pain seems to be agrivated when I use a computer mouse extensively or if I sleep with my arm extened over my head.The pain is alway present and fluctuates only based on activity. The muscle is visibly different between the 2 arms and slightly tender to the touch.
My questions are:
1. Is this an injury I need to see a Dr for?
2. Home treatment options I should consider?
3. Possible ideas as to what I should do?Thank you for your time and assitance.


  1. i am having pain in right sholder&arm icant put my coat on without extreme pain iwork in carpenty 40yrs one dr said pinch nerve in neck possible another dr gave me 2 seperate shots cortizone it hasnt helped
    I think it is rotatorcuff what do you think