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shooting pain in arch – tender arch


Dear Doctor:Fifteen years ago when I was 25 I injured the arch of my foot while improperly digging with a shovel. X-rays at the time showed nothing.
This winter I began having shooting pains deep within my arch area and one spot is tender to the touch.
I have had new x-rays, a MRI, a CAT SCAN, various orthodics, new wider and more supportive shoes and various opinions from podiatrists and orthopedists.
It was discovered that I had a neuroma and I did have swelling on the ball of my foot.
The neuroma was removed and I have recovered from that surgery, but the pain in my arch is worse.One doctor thought he saw a degerative area of bone at that portion of my arch, but the CAT SCAN showed nothing.Could I have degerative bone from an old injury?
Do you think proper shoes and orthotics are a solution?
Have you encountered this problem before and what do you suggest?
Thank you.