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Short and overlapping second toes


My 20-month old son was born with overlapping second toes on both feet.
His second toes slightly overlap the third toes and are a little shorter in length than the third toes.
His pediatrician says it is a genetic disorder, but not one that should affect his mobility as he gets older.
It seems like he does have a full range of motion with his second toes, but is this something I should have a pediatric podriatist look at?
And is there a name for this condition?
Thank you in advance.


  1. Well, I’ve spent my whole life (17 years) with my right little toe overlapping the next one and I’ve never had any problems walking or whatever. Also, I know a guy at school who has both of his second toes shorter than his third toes and he’s on the track team! Don’t think you’ve got too much to worry about in that respect. Just do what my mom did for me. When I was real young she always encouraged me to go barefoot or wear sandals. By the time I was old enough to be in school I wasn’t all self concious about my toe and I still wear sandals all the time. : Thank you in advance.