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Should I see a chirpractor


For the past 5 months a have had an accumulation of symptoms. It began with intense pain on the left side of my face from which followed head,eye and neck pain with nausea, muscle fatigue (though I’m not tired),pins and needles in my right lower leg from my knee to my toes, night sweats, and right leg weakness which sometimes makes me walk strange. Is this a job for a chiropractor?


  1. Dear Nancy,You should first see a medical specialist to rule out a more serious condition such as a stroke.Visit me online at curvesolutionsusa . com to learn more about your health problems.Kind regards,Dr Anthony Gambalecurvesolutionsusa . com877-602-7248

  2. I have been having upper thigh problems for about 1 month or so. It is only on my right leg. When I wake up in the morning it is fine for awhile than all of a sudden it starts to hurt. I can hardly been down or climb a ladder at work. If I use my left leg first than there is no problem.