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shoulder and neck pain


I have had pain and popping in my shoulder for at least 3 years now. A new symptom is numbness and a burning feeling in my shoulder and a shooting pain that goes down my arm and nesk.
I’ve tried physical theropy several times, I’ve had cortisone shots and anti-inflammatory meds.
My doctor referred me to a surgeon and he wants me to do physical theropy again (which always makes it worse) and more anti-inflammatory meds.
Should I go to another surgeon or try this once again? To let you know how bad it is now, it’s shaking and hurting right now just from typing.


  1. What is the point of continuing to go for treatments that are not working? Makes no sense at all. Basically you doctor and surgeon do not know what to do with you so they keep pushing you out the door to physical therapy. If you are having numbness then you have a pinched nerve. Go see a chiropractor, we deal with pinched nerves all the time. Physical therapy? Forgetta about it.