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Shoulder disloaction


I Have Been Daigonsed With Multi Directional Instability In Bot My Right And Left Shoulders…. I Have Put In About Three Years Of Physical Therapy And The Only Option Left Now Is Sugary, Although I Am Not Able To Get That Done For About Eleven Months Because I Am In School And Was Wondering If Cortisone Shots Would Help So I Can Get Off The Oxycotains????


  1. I dislocated my shoulder this weekend riding my dirt bike. It did not pop it up and out, but down and out to my arm pit area. It was out for 4 hours when it was put back in at the hospital emergency room. Nothing was broken or torn eather thank god and i still have full motion in my shoulder, But the outer muscle does hurt and i was wondering if there was anything i can take to help me rehabliate my shoulder along with light exersicing in that area.

  2. Repeated cortisone injections will weaken ligaments, tendons, etc. Each shot will only last about 3-4 weeks typically. That doesn’t look like an option other than 1 or 2 shots maybe. Muscle strengthening and possibly bracing or wrapping will be the only thing to help you out in addition to pain medication. I assume you are on some type of anti-inflammatory drug as well. Definitely need to discuss this with your doctor as far as the pain medication is concerned…