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Shoulder pain


I have been having pain in my shoulder for over 4 months.
It hurts pretty much all of the time, especially when I move my arm forcefully or lift anything with my are outstretched.
I have a constant throbbing pain that radiates from the top of my shoulder down into my bicep.
I’ve have a MRI and nothing is tore, but the physical therapy, cortisone shot, and anit-inflamatories are not helping. Any advice would be very helpful.


  1. Hayley,Did you see an Orthopedist for an exam and evaluation? If not, then that is the kind of specialist that you need to see; find one that has a sub-specialty in shoulder injuries. If you have seen one, what was the diagnosis? A PT can’t get to the bottom of your problem unless he had a proper diagnosis to work with. If you are not making any progress with your present doctor and/or therapist, you need to see a second opinion from another Orhtopedist. The ones that specialize in Sportsmedicine are usually very good with shoulder injuries. Let us know how you make out, and good luck.

  2. Hayley,
    Could be that the tear was small, and missed on the MRI, or misread by the doctor. If it is not a Rotator Cuff tear, and tendonitis, this should be able to be determined by some specialized Orthopedic tests, done during the physical exam of the shoulder. It it were truly tendonitis, it seem as though you whould be getting better with the anti-inflammatory medication, PT, and cortisone injection. What does your PT think is the reason you are not improving? When are you supposed to follow up with your Orthopedist?I would give it another 2 weeks max, and then, if you have not improved a good deal, seek a second opinion from another Orthopedist. Let us know how you make out. All doctors misdiagnose from time to time…that is why second opinions are so good. Good luck.

  3. Yes, I went to an ortho. he thought it was a torn rotator cuff, but the MRI didn’t show that. He said tendonitis, ave me a cortisone shot and sent me home with physical therapy. I have no improvement and been doing pt for over 2 months now. Now what should I do?