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Shoulder Subluxation


Last winter I popped my shoulder out of its socket during a snowboarding accident.
Since then it has come out twice, both time while swinging a golf club. Do you think the OmoTrain brace would help prevent subluxation during a high stress crash on my snowboard or is it only good for minor stresses on the joint.
I am not suggesting the brace as a replacement for PT, but as a supplement.


  1. I had a history of left shoulder subluxation which dates back to about 15 years. Last summer, I however aggrevated it during a head-on collision with another vehichle. I am having more frequent incidences of subluxation now. The MRI report suggest ‘probable partial thickness tear of the interior labrum’. What is the best course of action for me. I have consulted two specialists so far – one is suggesting orthroscopic examination and the other thinks ‘bankart repair’ will solve the problem. Can you comment please