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SI joint


I suffered a severe sprain locked upslip of the right SI joint in 9/00.
Workup was extensive (MRI, bone scan, EMG, many sets of X-Rays). Elimated lumbar problems.
I went through PT and could not seem to mobilize the joint.
I had sciatica going down my right leg and a burn over the right SI/hip/femur.I decided to try chiro.
THIS MADE THE SITUAION WORSE!! These forced manipulations caused both of my joints to become hypermobile.
They “click/clank/cluck” and make horrible sounds. Now, I have more problems than I began with — unstable SIJ’s, unstable pelvis, unstable lower lumbar. The ligaments were likely torn from the original injury and now I surgery is my only choice. Bi-lateral SIJ injection of cortesone into the joints proved them as the source of pain (it went away for a day). I BEG YOU DO NOT SEE A CHIROPRACTOR IF FOR SI JOINT PROBLEMS.
WARNING — DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!!!See a highly sophisticated Sports Medicine Dr. and then a highly trained PT who concentrates on Pelvic problems.


  1. I am 27 – was misdiagnosed in 2003 by a chiropractor who believed I had a lower back sprain. After 1 1/2 years of getting worse despite weekly agressive manipulation (1-3 times per week, I went to a massage therapist who said “You need a good osteopath.” After seeing an osteopath, I learned that I have a short leg and ileosacral shear/upslip. Long story short, I’d just like to add to the recommendation below : I BEG YOU DO NOT SEE A CHIROPRACTOR IF FOR SI JOINT PROBLEMS. IT MADE MY SITUATION WORSE!!! I LIVE ON NUMEROUS PAIN MEDICATIONS AND CAN NO LONGER WORK. I AM ONLY 25 YEARS OLD. WARNING — DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!!!

  2. See a highly sophisticated Sports Medicine Dr. and then a highly trained PT who concentrates on Pelvic problems.I am 30 and have had this injury for 2 yrs. PT helps sometimes but the pain never stops. I cant work without pain meds and can no longer get the ones that work. Been to sports meds and 2 other doctors no one can help. Has anyone recovered from this?

  3. I am a 38 yr male recovering from SI Joint Surgery on my right side. (Dec. 10, 2004).What a difference!!! I had pain for 3 years!!! Now almost gone.I’m waiting to have my left SI Joint fused in July 2005.Best decison I ever made. (x-rays are also cool to look at(Tom in Toronto (

  4. My story with the chiro is different, because of the visits to the chiropractor manual manipulation allows me to live some what of a normal life after sustaining a permanent SI joint injury in 2001.

  5. I actually think my former Chiropracter CAUSED my SI joint problem. I had stress headaches and neck pain, so I started seeing a Chiro, and he performed very aggressive adjustments on my lower back as well. I finally stopped going, but ever since then I’ve had SI pain, sometimes so severe it feels like my leg is falling off. I’m only 28 and I wish there were something other than tedious PT or medicine I could use to solve this.

  6. A good Chiropractor could help this, but no side adjustments! Gentle traction and gentle adjustments would assist.However, Yoga is the answer. No forward bends until the joint heals, but you could do other poses that would help. Get a good teacher who will show you the correct postures.

  7. I came to this web site searching for an answer for Sacro-iliac joint pain. I injured myself at work 1-9-02 lifting surgical instruments in the OR. I figured it would just go away. I have tried nearly every anti-inflammatory combined with my now ritualistic PM dose of flexeril. I can not sleep w/o it. Istarted seeing a chiropractor and had fairly good results but I MUST go 2xweek minimum or I am miserable. I have been OFF work for 3 weeks and the workman’s comp lady is outraged that I have been off for 3 whole weeks for a Non-Surgical problem although by law I have the 12 week Family Medical Leave Act on my side. She wants a second opinion which is fine with me although I dont really see a miracle in sight at this point.I have managed to become mobile enough to do light weight low back exercises in the gym 4xweek. I have tried the pool, ice, heat,ben-gay,aspercream,and even made a prayer here and there….Not much relief from anything which lasts. I can now do crunches and bend slightly forward w the ab machine in the gym but I absolutely can not bend forward like I am reaching for my toes. It is a joke that really isn’t funny. I cant make it to reach my knees.Standing erect after the bending is almost impossible. and as for LIFTING objects- I am in agony. I cant pick up my child to help him into the car. I figured out that I cant even try to lift or carry him unless I want to be in bed for the following 24 hrs. I am trying to strenghten up my abs&Lower back and hope for further mobility. I am not over weight. I am 130 lbs.It is a real DRAG and it is affecting my once upbeat Personality- I havent gone for Zoloft or Prozac but I do know they are available if I wake up and suddenly decide to let pills co-pilot my day to day living.If anyone has anything which has made an impact even dents toward curing S-I pain please send me an email soon: I am a 31yo Fe and I would like to move like one again..wink winkI would like to make the workmans comp lady’s dream come true…believe me but it’s been 4 solid months so far and I cant return to an occupation as physically challenging as the operating room right now! she is upset that I might get a 4th week off from work. Some days are slightly better than others but this is annoying and very frustrating for me.

  8. the same happend to me I had mri, bonescan, everything you can think of I am having a hard time walking and I can not sit down more than 30 min I started pt and they told me to stay away from a chiro the problem I dont want to lose my job I have a family to take care of please if anyone can give me some imput on this situtation

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  9. That is great Chris that you had luck back then. My pain was so excruciating at first in 2001, I was pregnant and sustained an injury. The only thing that worked was an injection to the facet joint, which wore off in a few months. I was on Worker’s Comp and they denied everything once I reached MMI. So, I pay the chiropractor out of my pocket.

  10. I am now suffering from my second SI injury. The first time, back in 1997 I spent 7 months going from Workers Compensation chiro to physio, etc until I finally went to my own private chiro who immediately diagnosed SI injury, and with ONE treatment, he fixed it !!!!!! Yes, it hurt like hell at the time, but after a few hours that pain subsided, and I had no more problems !!8 years later, I have again injured the joint. I am currently receiving treatment from a myotherapist and it is definitely helping. I wish that my old chiro was here to help this time, he is back in Canada, and I am now in Australia. However, I will continue with the myotherapy, and, if need be, attempt to find a chiro that knows how to UNLOCK THE SI JOINT.

  11. same here had sciatica down one side cos of s1 nerve went to chiro had a bad night same as when sciatica first flared up now it has moved to my other leg too! the top of my thigh and sensoredock are numb on the right and the same sciatic pain in the left went to orthopedic surgeon and he said manipulation can make s1 worse dont go back!got 6 weeks now to get better otherwise surgery is my only optionfeels funny when i sit on my sensored like it doesnt belong to me!and the numbness seems to come from the bones from sittingcan anyone relate to this atall

  12. In response, I have treated may people with the same SI joint instability. Many have had positive results. Please just remember that there is no guarantee that Chiropractic will fix 100% of all problems. There are instances where the condition gets worse. The important thing to remember is to start conservative first and exhaust all posible solutions before resorting to surgery.