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siatic nerve


a friends mum went to the doctor and said her siatic nerve is dying. what does this mean and what happens next

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  1. i started exercise to flatten my stomach. did crunches andleg raises(i’ve had a front and back laminectomy) now i am in bad pain rom the hip joint down on rght side my doctor says i have an inflamed siatic nerve eould thus cause sever leg muscle pain. i am on naproene and darvicet can any thing else help

  2. I’m suffring from back and leg pain severe pain I have been in bed for about seven months, nothing seem to help, lost my job have no health insurance and very depressed due to this problem Im even thinking about unding it…Please help.

    • I have pain when I sit in the back of my leg and my buttox (right side). In my right side I have lower back pain for some time just above my butt. I have high blood pressure which is being treated with some success. Ihave had renal duplex tests done twice 24 hour urine tests done etc.but have an urgency in urineation. None of these test show anything. The only thing that relieves my pain is cranberry juice. Is something swollen in my unineary tract that is pressing against my siatic nerve.

  3. I am wondering if I have this ailment? Today I have bad back pain and my ankles are a bit swollen. Also, today tingling in my legs and feet.If I sit at the computer very long, it is difficult to get up! I started with puffiness in my hands 4 days ago…been taking Ibuprofen all week (per doctor), my hands are much better.