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siatic nerve? hip injury


I flew off of a 4 wheeler – xrays determined I did not have any broken bones however my hip is very swollen – where ever there is swelling, I don’t have any feeling.
I also can’t put full weight on one leg.
Should I be concerned or is this just going to take some time to wait for the swelling to go down?ThanksJustine

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  1. I fell on ice and landed on the fattest part of my sensoredocks. The pain was unbelievable and a huge bruise followed from crotch to knee and on the sensoredock. That was on March 2 and any sudden movement and I get the same pain in my sensoredock every time. I am uable to swing a golf club. I feel the pain down the back of my leg and can not lie or either side when I sleep because of the pain. I sit on a heating pad all the time but this is not getting better. Can you help?

  2. I don’t know that I have had a hip injury but I suspect I have a sciatic nerve problem that has pain radiating from my knee to my hip. Some day’s are better than others. What can I do to help this problem. It seems worse on days I wear shoes with a heal. I was diagnosed 11 years ago with a dislocated patella, could the sciatic pain be from that? It also seems worse when I ride in a car.

    • I have A terrible pain that runs from my sensored all the way to my leg , knee and toes I cannot sit . lay down or walk its to painfull and part of my foot is kind of numb. what can i do or what medication can i take . thank you.

  3. You could have a really bad contusion and/or bone bruise. Swelling pushes on structures and that includes nerves, hence the numbness. Use ice to limit the swelling and pain,,,rest, rest and more rest and take your meds the doc gave you. I think you should also use crutches now, since it hurts to put your full weight on your leg. If you don’t feel better after a couple of weeks go back and see your doc.

    • I just had my second hip replacement surgery 2 weeksago. I am an active 53 year old female. My first hip replacement was done 18 months ago. During my first hip replacement Doctors found out my hips were never formed right at birth. I never had any problems during my life time until I reached age 50. I was an active walker, bowler took part easily in any physical activity. Now during my 2nd hip replacement surgery my Siatic Nerve got streched. Therapists have fitted me with a splint that fits in a athletic shoe only to wear when I am able to walk full weight bearing. Any other suggestions I can do to heal the siatic nerve. Doctors can’t tell me a time period as to when feeling will come back. Right now I have numbness in the top of my foot up my schin and down half of my calf. Thank You Kaylene

      • Hi Kaylene, I am experiencing the exact same situation that you did last year, second hip replacement at 49 and the sciatic nerve damage with numb calf and foot. Please let me know how this turned out for you.Katrina