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siatic pain


I have a tremendious amount of pain in my right hip to my foot. after many xrays and an MRI my doctor said there wasnt much that could be done, that a buldging disk was pinching the nerve and would just take time to heal. some days i can barely walk, every morning i lay there dreading getting out of bed because the pain is so bad. i can not sit on anything soft as it puts pressure in my hip and causes such severe pain i cry.
I have been on meds for a few months now, this is a 4 year condition i have. the pain meds do not seem to help much, but enables me to get around.
Is there any home tips i can do to make things bearable or releive my pain.
I have also been put on medication for depression, steming from my back pain.
This is horrible. any suggestions, pleae let me know.


  1. :I also have extreme cyatic pain. My buttocks feel like a ton of bricks have slammed against them, and then my legs go numb. I just wanted to tell you that the best pain relief I have found is Duralgesic which is a pain patch for chronic pain. It last for 3 day, and then I try to take a day off so my body won’t become addicted to it, and I alway hope that the pain will disappear. I have no insurance coverage for correction so this is the best thing that I can do for the mean time to live a better quality of life. My heart goes out to you and maybe one day, the doctors will get this cyatic nerve damage thing out of people’s lives so they can go on and help others.