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my spouse has a siatic nerve problem. i believe thats what it is. his right side goes numb from waist to foot. my question is can this affect sexual preformance? he doesn’t believe it affects it but i think it will. he also has a hernia will that affect it as well? poor guys falling apart!!! thank you

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  1. for about 3 weeks i have had pain in calf of my left leg,,,this goes up to my left sensoredocks and across…the dr ha me on a inflammatory but i dont seem to be getting much relief…i am also using heat…do you think this could be siatica…thank you….brigette may

  2. It started week ago. I was sleeping and it hurt to turn on my left side. If I lay on right side it feels like a pulling of my left hip and it is excruciating. I also can’t get off the bed on the left side. It felt like a pain in the lower back behind the kidney, now it goes across my hip to my left inner thigh, pelvic bone where the elastic would be on underwear. I went for 2 MRI’s last week. what should I do?please get back to me