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skull base and upper neck pain


I have severe pain in my upper neck and the right lower side of my skull.

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  1. Hello,I am having neck pain for a while now. The pain is to the upper neck. Also if I turn fast it hurts. What would u suggest for this pain? I would really appreaciate your response.Thank you.

  2. : : : I have pain in my upper neck and the lower side of my skull.I feel pressure at this point and my glands are all full and extremely painful to touch and without touching at the base of skull and down and in neck.

  3. I was skateboarding and i fell. Then the arc in my foot started to swell and i had pain for a few days then it went away but now when i go skateboard sometimes it starts to hurt again and i still have the bump on my foot its kinda on the the top of the right side of my foot, on my right foot. What do u think it could be.