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Sleeping without a pillow


For months, I have been experiencing neck and shoulder pain in the morning while sleeping with a pillow.
I have never found sleeping on my side to be comfortable in fact, it seems to exacerbate shoulder discomfort.
I prefer to sleep on my back. I have also tried using various support pillows, but I still have neck pain in the morning. Last night, however, I tried sleeping on my back without any pillow (I have a good mattres) and slept very well.
I woke up this mornig without the usual neck and shoulder discomfort. Does sleeping without a pillow have any risks?
I certainly feel better having slept without one.


  1. i tried the same thing last night and found it more comfortable. i have a good idea it’s better for people. and i’ve heard it lines the pineal gland up into its correct position for sleeping.

  2. I don’t think there is any risk but you should ask someone else to make sure. I tried sleeping w/o a pillow last night and my neck was much more mobile! I loved it.